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ref: -0 tags: diffraction terahertz 3d print ucla deep learning optical neural networks date: 02-13-2019 23:16 gmt revision:1 [0] [head]

All-optical machine learning using diffractive deep neural networks

  • Pretty clever: use 3D printed plastic as diffractive media in a 0.4 THz all-optical all-interference (some attenuation) linear convolutional multi-layer 'neural network'.
  • In the arxive publication there are few details on how they calculated or optimized given diffractive layers.
  • Absence of nonlinearity will limit things greatly.
  • Actual observed performance (where thy had to print out the handwritten digits) rather poor, ~ 60%.

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ref: -0 tags: bone regrowth hyperelastic 3d print implant hydroxyapatite polycaptolactone date: 09-30-2016 18:27 gmt revision:0 [head]

Hyperelastic “bone”: A highly versatile, growth factor–free, osteoregenerative, scalable, and surgically friendly biomaterial

  • (From the abstract): hyperelastic “bone” is composed of 90 weight % (wt %) hydroxyapatite and 10 wt % polycaprolactone or poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid),
  • Can be rapidly three-dimensionally (3D) printed (up to 275 cm3/hour) from room temperature extruded liquid inks.
  • Mechanical properties: ~32 to 67% strain to failure, ~4 to 11 MPa elastic modulus & was highly absorbent (50% material porosity)
  • Supported cell viability and proliferation, and induced osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow–derived human mesenchymal stem cells cultured in vitro over 4 weeks without any osteo-inducing factors in the medium.
  • HB did not elicit a negative immune response, became vascularized, quickly integrated with surrounding tissues, and rapidly ossified and supported new bone growth without the need for added biological factors.

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ref: notes-0 tags: PCB footprints date: 12-23-2007 20:00 gmt revision:6 [5] [4] [3] [2] [1] [0] [head]


  • SOT-23-6 from Zetex.
  • SOT-23 from NXP.
  • SMT notes -- details food SMT PCB design, on page 7 lists recommended land patterns.
  • SC70-6
    • there is a bit of disagreement on the pad pitch with TI's docs:

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ref: bookmark-0 tags: federal reserve video printing money economics date: 06-01-2007 20:32 gmt revision:0 [head]


need to learn more about this infamous federal reserve!

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ref: notes-0 tags: kicad footprint generator pcb design date: 05-22-2007 02:51 gmt revision:1 [0] [head]

oh yea!!! nice work mate!!


btw, kicad is the shit - and it is now in Debian!! I love debian! I love kicad!