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ref: -0 tags: new gmail layout date: 12-23-2011 23:23 gmt revision:0 [head]

The new layout does not do full-bleed messages, which annoys me. Were gmail not so useful I would switch to another program.

Considering gmail claims to be about email, only 23% of the screen is devoted to .. email.

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ref: bookmark-0 tags: blog resume inspire layout design date: 03-02-2009 16:42 gmt revision:1 [0] [head]


  • great examples of resumes, and the right attitude to go with them.
  • inforgraphic resume - cool!

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ref: bookmark-0 tags: BGA PCB design via layout Intel power date: 07-14-2007 00:29 gmt revision:0 [head]


  • describes PCB layout for Intel mobile 945GMS chipset (the same that is in Ana's Macbook)
  • suggest 10/20/28 via (drill diameter/??/pad size, what units? think)
  • interesting information on the making of the die substrate, too (ultra-fine lines! 30um vias too?)
  • [http://www.intel.com/technology/itj/2006/volume10issue02/art05_945GMS_SFF_Low_Voltage/p07_gmch.htm shows a diagram of memory bandwidth usage - most of it is used to refresh the LCD, which costs power. This section also has useful & interesting information on minimizing power consumption.

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ref: notes-0 tags: keyboard frogpad layout qwerty date: 05-31-2007 00:52 gmt revision:1 [0] [head]

a while ago I made a custom keyboard for myself - something like the frogPad chording keyboard, but more suitable for programming. Here is the image i made for myself to learn the layout.

Upon testing, however, it seems that those scribbly marks on the paper had some import - this is the present layout, as re-drawn in inkscape. Presumably this second iteration is better?

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ref: engineering-0 tags: schematic capture layout PCB design engineering date: 03-17-2007 23:44 gmt revision:0 [head]