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ref: -0 tags: carbon fiber electrode array parylene fire sharpening microthread date: 03-20-2014 19:57 gmt revision:5 [4] [3] [2] [1] [0] [head]

PMID-23860226 A carbon-fiber electrode array for long-term neural recording.

  • Guitchounts G1, Markowitz JE, Liberti WA, Gardner TJ.
  • We describe an assembly method for a 16-channel electrode array consisting of carbon fibers (<5 µm diameter) individually insulated with Parylene-C and fire-sharpened. The diameter of the array is approximately 26 µm along the full extent of the implant.
  • Fibers from http://www.goodfellowusa.com/
    • young's modulus of 380GPa vs. tungsten 400GPa.
    • Data available from Toho Tenax
  • The absence of any report of single neuron isolation in HVC with a fixed chronic electrode implant underscores the difficulty of recording small cells (8-15um soma) with an implant whose damage length scale is large relative to the target neurons. (!!)

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ref: notes-0 tags: iceweasel firefox acroread uninstall debian linux mozplugger date: 11-10-2007 04:39 gmt revision:1 [0] [head]

Adobe acrobat reader 7.0 leaks a prodigious amount of memory on my linux system (Debian Etch, stable). However, some pdfs will only open in acroread, so i want to keep the application around for occasional use. Because of the memory leaks, it is not good to have it loaded by default by iceweasel / firefox (evince or xpdf is better). To do this:

  1. quit your browser (not sure if this is necessary, but perhaps it is a good idea).
  2. open /etc/mozpluggerrc and comment out (#) all the sections that reference acroread. There are 3 macro lines, as well as one line in in the pdf / x-pdf content handling list.
  3. goto ~/.mozilla and remove pluginreg.dat ; do the same for ~/.mozilla/firefox
  4. go to /usr/lib/iceweasel/plugins and move / remove / rename nppdf.so (if it is there) (this is what tripped me up for a while - i had to look at the automatically-generated pluginreg.dat to figure out that acroread was being loaded without mozplugger via this plugin).

that's it! :)

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ref: notes-0 tags: Firefox MathML fonts Linux STIX date: 0-0-2006 0:0 revision:0 [head]

okay, so i spent some time on this and eventually realized that linux doesn't (can't) have all the symbols of the windows fonts used in MathML (for example the pitchfork symbol). The general solution, as per http://mcelrath.org/Notes/MathML, is not so difficult:

  1. install the tex and Mathematica fonts
  2. install opensymbol Debian package, which includes an (incomplete) symbol.ttf font. (the symbol.ttf from windows seems not to work??)
  3. uncomment the lines in /usr/share/firefox/res/fontEncoding.properties:
encoding.symbol.ttf = Adobe-Symbol-Encoding encoding.symbol.ftcmap = mac_roman
  1. some uncommon symbols like the hat and pitchfork are still missing. however, fc-cache | grep Symbol reads:
OpenSymbol:style=Regular Standard Symbols L:style=Regular Symbol:style=Regular
  1. hmm.. .it appears that I have another symbol font.
cd /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1 sudo rm Symbol* sudo mkfontscale sudo mkfontdir fc-cache ... still there (and the pitchfork still doesn't work :( ) Well, STIX fonts should be out soon, as of Jan20 2006 they have < 400 glyphs to go.