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ref: Li-2009.07 tags: Zheng Odoherty Nicolelis unscented kalman wiener filter date: 01-07-2012 23:57 gmt revision:1 [0] [head]

PMID-19603074[0] Unscented Kalman filter for brain-machine interfaces.

  • Includes quadratic neuron tuning curves.
  • Includes n-1 past states for augmented state prediction.
  • Population vector .. has < 0 SNR.
  • Works best with only 1 future tap .. ?
  • Pursuit and center-out tasks.


[0] Li Z, O'Doherty JE, Hanson TL, Lebedev MA, Henriquez CS, Nicolelis MA, Unscented Kalman filter for brain-machine interfaces.PLoS One 4:7, e6243 (2009 Jul 15)

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ref: ODoherty-2011.1 tags: nicolelis odoherty nicolelis 2011 active tactile BMBI stimulation ICMS unscented Kalman filter date: 01-01-2012 18:27 gmt revision:3 [2] [1] [0] [head]

PMID-21976021[0] Active tactile exploration using a brain-machine-brain interface.

  • Tricky part was the temporal interleaving. 50ms stim / 50ms record.
    • No proof a priori as S1 stim could affect M1 processing.
  • Real perception, as the stimulation resulted from motor commands (through a BMI).
  • RAT = rewarded ICMS (200Hs pulses)
  • UAT = unrewarded ICMS, 400Hs, skip every 100ms.
  • NAT = no ICMS.
  • So short. damn you, nature.


[0] O'Doherty JE, Lebedev MA, Ifft PJ, Zhuang KZ, Shokur S, Bleuler H, Nicolelis MA, Active tactile exploration using a brain-machine-brain interface.Nature 479:7372, 228-31 (2011 Oct 5)

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ref: bookmark-0 tags: particle_filter unscented monte_carlo MCMC date: 12-11-2007 16:46 gmt revision:2 [1] [0] [head]


  • covers both the particle filter and the unscented kalman filter ... the unscented kalman filter is used as the proposal distribution.

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ref: bookmark-0 tags: Unscented sigma_pint kalman filter speech processing machine_learning SDRE control UKF date: 0-0-2007 0:0 revision:0 [head]

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ref: bookmark-0 tags: unscented kalman filter square-root Merwe date: 0-0-2007 0:0 revision:0 [head]

http://hardm.ath.cx/pdf/unscentedKalmanFilter.pdf -- the square root transform. contains a nice tabulation of the original algorithm, which i what I use.

http://hardm.ath.cx/pdf/unscentedKalmanFilter2000.pdf -- the original, with examples of state, parameter, and dual estimation

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalman_filter -- wikipedia page, also has the unscented kalman filter

http://www.cs.unc.edu/~welch/kalman/media/pdf/Julier1997_SPIE_KF.pdf - Julier and Ulhmann's original paper. a bit breif.

http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~murphyk/Papers/Julier_Uhlmann_mar04.pdf -- Julier and Ulhmann's invited paper, quite excellent.