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[0] Brashers-Krug T, Shadmehr R, Bizzi E, Consolidation in human motor memory.Nature 382:6588, 252-5 (1996 Jul 18)

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ref: BrashersKrug-1996.07 tags: consolidation motor learning Shadmher Bizzi date: 04-09-2007 14:35 gmt revision:2 [1] [0] [head]

PMID-8717039[0] Consolidation in human motor memory

  • tested interference between the learning of two motor skills
    • no interference if the delay between practice on each task was > 4 hours
    • this implies that some memory consolodation occurs within those 4 hours.. the same as previous work which implicated the medial temporal lobe as an important region for memory encoding.
  • found with MIT open course ware -- there are a lot of good papers referenced there.