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ref: -0 tags: winslow Tresco 2010 BBB histology immune response microelectrodes date: 04-19-2013 23:25 gmt revision:0 [head]

PMID-19963267 Quantitative analysis of the tissue response to chronically implanted microwire electrodes in rat cortex.

  • Winslow BD, Tresco PA.
  • The spatial distribution of biomarkers associated with the foreign body response to insulated microwires placed in rat cerebral cortex was analyzed 2, 4, and 12 weeks after implantation using quantitative methods.
  • We found no evidence that reactive gliosis increases over time or that neuronal loss is progressive, we did find evidence of persistent inflammation and enhanced BBB permeability at the electrode brain tissue interface that extended over the 3 month indwelling period and that exhibited more animal to animal variability at 3 months than at 2 and 4 weeks.

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ref: Bonfanti-2010.09 tags: neural recording wireless manchester 2010 Italy date: 01-03-2012 01:02 gmt revision:2 [1] [0] [head]

IEEE-5619710 (pdf) A Multi-Channel Low-Power IC for Neural Spike Recording with Data Compression and Narrowband 400-MHz MC-FSK Wireless Transmission

  • Good 64-channel wireless neurochip with LNA, variable gain and filtering, spike extraction.
  • ~300uW/channel realized.
  • 2.7x3.1mm


Bonfanti, A. and Ceravolo, M. and Zambra, G. and Gusmeroli, R. and Borghi, T. and Spinelli, A.S. and Lacaita, A.L. ESSCIRC, 2010 Proceedings of the 330 -333 (2010)