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  • Very good article, clearly the author has hard-earned experience..
    • I appreciate his (journalistic, correctful, maybe overbearing) tone, but personally think it much better to be a bit playful with the silly arbitrariness, imperfect-but-honestly-attempted decisions, that humans are.
  • One thing that I particularly liked was the idea of 'learning area' - the more competent people that you have working on a project and learning along the way, the more area is exposed to learning, facilitating progress. Compare to the top-down approach, which allocates a few very good people at the beginning of a project to plan it out, but then does not allow the implementors to modify the plan, and furthermore suggests mediocre implementors will do - all which minimizes the 'learning area'.

also from that site - http://weblog.raganwald.com/2007/05/not-so-big-software-application.html

  • The market for lemons, or "the bad driving out the good" - linked in the blog - brilliant!
  • Quote: "Adding detail makes a design more specific, but it only makes it specific for a client if the choices expressed address the most important needs of the client."