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ref: -0 tags: rhodamine derivatives imidazole bacterial resistance date: 02-19-2020 19:10 gmt revision:2 [1] [0] [head]

A diversity-oriented rhodamine library for wide-spectrum bactericidal agents with low inducible resistance against resistant pathogens

  • Tested a wide number of rhodamine derivatives, which were synthesized with a 'mild' route. This includes all sorts of substitutions on the carbon opposite the oxygen.
  • Tested the fluorescence properties ... many if not all are fluorescent. Supplementary information lists the abs/em spectra, which is kind of a goldmine (if it can be trusted).
  • No mention of light or dark in the paper. I suspect that these rhodamine derivatives are killing via singlet oxygen production. (Then again, I only skimmed the paper..)
    • Yes but: "Rhodamine dyes mainly adopted the ring-close forms exhibit no antibacterial activity against ATCC43300 or ATCC19606"
    • That's because they are colorless and can't emit any singlet oxygen!