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ref: -2016 tags: MAPseq Zador connectome mRNA plasmic library barcodes Peikon date: 03-06-2019 00:51 gmt revision:1 [0] [head]

PMID-27545715 High-Throughput Mapping of Single-Neuron Projections by Sequencing of Barcoded RNA.

  • Justus M. Kebschull, Pedro Garcia da Silva, Ashlan P. Reid, Ian D. Peikon, Dinu F. Albeanu, Anthony M. Zador
  • Another tool for the toolboxes, but I still can't help but to like microscopy: while the number of labels in MAPseq is far higher, the information per read-oout is much lower; an imaged slice holds a lot of information, including dendritic / axonal morphology, which sequencing doesn't get. Natch, you'd wan to use both, or FISseq + ExM.

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ref: -0 tags: springfield downtown library health society date: 05-27-2012 00:44 gmt revision:0 [head]

Just to my left, a woman in a walker rolled into the library, and promptly complained to the police officer on duty about chest pains. The library faces a square in the middle of Springfield where teenagers, shirtless hippies, skateboarders, and other non-mainstream people kill time in the warm afternoon. The library as such is a cool haven to read and access the internet -- several teenagers were playing WoW on the library computers, and I too am tapping into the resource. A possibly adrift artsy-type man of about my age similarly came to conduct his wayward business, having 'just ended up in Springfield', saying it as both and excuse and a badge of pride evincing his free spirit.

The woman is one of the classic types of hypochondriac, and though I'm only listening to them the EMT and police men know this, but they also know that on the off chance of being wrong, not taking the situation seriously could be a disaster. And so they administered simple blood pressure and pulse rate tests, both which seemed normal, then went about convincing her that she needed to be taken to the hospital to be completely checked out, thereby shifting the burden of liability to a place better protected by the standard operating procedure of a battery of tests.

The woman immediately protested, worried about the heavy cost of a ambulance ride, coupled with a paranoia that she would lose her walker. To this the EMT -- a short woman with her practical ponytail shoved through a baseball cap, as often they do -- let glints of irritation show through, asking her repeatedly to decide which hospital she wished to go to, and then asking her to arrange another means to the hospital. The woman protested, but the EMT could scarecly be blamed -- she is stuck in a system not of her design -- and somehow the smooth-souled librarian, who before had been placating library customers by putting holds on books, convinced both parties to go to the nearest hopsital. How exactly this was done I'll forever remain in ignorance, for another ambulance spun through the downtown circle at that instant, scattering sports cars, stopping sedans, and causing the skaters to pause their idling and look.

The incident vaguely reminds me when I had similar issues in Brooklyn, when i was sufficiently pained to drive my ass through the dirty orange-lit streets to a hospital in Williamsburg. They proceeded to do drug tests on me, despite my insistences, but everything checked out fine. In retrospect, the pain was likely heartburn antagonized by psychological isolation; this was before I really learned to listen to myself, and take care of the social and more basic physiological needs. The walker woman fell through these same cracks in a likely preventable but now very expensive way.

Meanwhile, a large black transsexual and a wrinkly white guy walk hurriedly past the plate glass windows of the library, talking animatedly. They may be in a fissure of sorts, but i doubt they consider it a fall...

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ref: math notes-0 tags: linear_algebra BLAS FFT library programming C++ matrix date: 02-21-2007 15:48 gmt revision:1 [0] [head]

Newmat11 -- nice, elegant BLAS / FFT and matrix library, with plenty of syntactic sugar.