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PMID-27545715 High-Throughput Mapping of Single-Neuron Projections by Sequencing of Barcoded RNA.

  • Justus M. Kebschull, Pedro Garcia da Silva, Ashlan P. Reid, Ian D. Peikon, Dinu F. Albeanu, Anthony M. Zador
  • Another tool for the toolboxes, but I still can't help but to like microscopy: while the number of labels in MAPseq is far higher, the information per read-oout is much lower; an imaged slice holds a lot of information, including dendritic / axonal morphology, which sequencing doesn't get. Natch, you'd wan to use both, or FISseq + ExM.

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ref: -0 tags: Zador Peikon cold spring plos date: 11-06-2012 19:46 gmt revision:1 [0] [head]

Sequencing the Connectome

  • Quote: "Interestingly, the utility of the connectome in C. elegans is somewhat limited because function is highly multiplexed, with different neurons performing different roles depending on the state of neuromodulation [7], possibly as a mechanism for compensating for the small number of neurons."
  • In comparison, the authors argue that the role of neurons in mammalian brains is much more highly determined by connectivity / physical location, and support this with examples from the visual system (area MT; how layer in V1 determines simple vs. complex tuning).
  • Only have started work on this highly ambitious project -- current plan is to use PRV amplicons for permuting the neuronal barcodes -- and offer no results, just the general framework of the idea.
    • Given that Ian spoke of the idea when he first started at CSH, I wonder just how practical this idea is?